Friday, November 13, 2015

Improve Art Room Discipline

10 way to Improve Art Room Discipline 

 Kind constant nudges in the right direction keeps most student on tract. No wants a train wreck in their classroom. 


      1. Get orginized

  Art teachers have so many materials that we tend to get cluttered. I am just as guilty at the next of letting material and projects over take my room. The mood of the room changes with mess of the room. Students feel there is a direction and a sense of order.

        2. Label
  Having a home for things in you room is great, but labeling this homes is better. This helps student locate materials, less asking when cleaning up. This helps you give directions less confusion

   3. Pick up
 Having the student pick and clean often helps with the clutter. Taking time to stop class early enough to clean keeps students from rushing out, leaving a mess. 

      4. Assign Task

 Taking a note from my elementary school teacher friends assign to-do list helps a lot.

      5. Seating assignment
 The seating chart helps. This helps with learning names and helps subs with calling on students. Just the simple rearranging the class can help with minor problems


     6. Clear steps or directions
 Giving the students clear steps written down for them to see give the students direction for the class. Daily goals work well for me on long term projects. 

      7. Constant Rules
Just enforcing the school rules helps. This seems obvious but letting tardiness slide, dress codes, or any rules your school has in place. This sits a poor precedence and backs you in a corner when you do hold a student accountable 

      8. Walk around
You presence effects on students. Weather you see it or not just being near stops a lot of misbehavior. This also all me to help the quite students in the room or redirect students not on task.


     8. Speak to all the students.
Make sure you speak to all, some students demand more attention than others, but the quite ones need you just as much. I try to move in an order, circle the room. I find jumping around I overlook some students. 

Simple corrective behavior stops most large issues before they happen.

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