Monday, October 19, 2015

Cards in the Class Room

Dice, playing cards and poker chips do have a place in your class room. Unlikely additions to school, but they can be very useful.
Using playing cards to group students can be helpful.
·         Drawing playing cards can generate random orders of students.
·         Grouping students by color, the red group and the black
·         Four groups by suits
·         High / low groups (2-7) to (8-K) no A’s
·         Stick the joker in there for free passes or the  special question

Chips not just for gambling, are a great way for keeping track of discussion questions with a group. If you are like me you over look students in a group, or one dominates leaving others out.  Red, blue, and white chip can help this out.
·         Assign a question to each color
·         Two colors a positive / delta  comment
·         Who?  What? Where? How?
·         Past? Present? Future?
The chips are a tracking method, when the student responds take a chip. The gives quite students a concrete item to remind them to join the conversation and the talkers they have responded and give other a chance to respond.

They can be used a token also, for completed task, or exit questions. Complete a task, or respond to a question receive a token. Students need a token to leave the room.

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